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Hi, the installer.exe last version, does not extract the file reported in the object. 

An update arrived yesterday, in truth I was expecting it and I was hoping it would do it automatically, but it wasn't like that.

From searches carried out it is advised to do it manually through windows explore, it is possible to know which installation DVD is referenced? Next should it be placed in the resource folder?  

There is a problem of not indifferent graphics, two zones are formed on the sides of the monitor, and while the flight proceeds, in the end they cover the entire airport area, and converge at the landing point.  Nothing is visible anymore, moreover no other airport of arrival is visible, even with a simple flight, all this with any plane used. 
Thanks for help, a welcome answer, I'm not very practical...regards



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This is a known bug filed as INS-177.

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Hi Henry

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but I have checked my version 11.32 of X-Plane and have found the checkerboard.png file is located in the C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\bitmaps folder.

You may have to run the X-Plane Installer app again to scan your files and see if it downloads the correct file?

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In fact it is what I have already done twice, in addition there are four missing files, but only one is reported ( the checkerboard). 

Black.png - black_opaque.png - blank.png - and  checkerboard.png

A little while ago, I removed all the third-party plug-ins, planes and various libraries...then started the latest version of the install.exe file and made the update check for all existing files. But nothing has chanded in the bitmaps folder of resources

Tank you...a greeting. 

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I can email copies of these files if you wish?

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Hi again Henry

I will of course email you the six .png files in question, so that you can copy them into the C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\bitmaps folder as required.

However, purely out of interest, I actually opened each .png file with some photo editing software just to see what was in them and what I found when completely zoomed into each, can be seen in the photo below.

I have no idea how these files are used within X-Plane 11, but at least we now know what they are!


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Hi Henry

Further to your email and the screenshots that you kindly sent me, it appears from your flight plan that you are flying from Rome to Naples (Napoli) and are also mainly flying over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

With this in mind, it seems odd that during the flight, large expanses of land are present, which is clearly incorrect.

This leads me to believe that the problem is related to your global or custom scenery files!

Could you therefore please reply to this post and upload a copy of your scenery_packs.ini file for me to look at. Could you also upload a copy of your X-Plane 11 Log.txt file.

If you're not sure how to upload files to this Q&A post, please click on the following link and view the instructional PowerPoint slides that I have prepared for the very purpose:-

This particular link deals with the Log.txt file, which can be found in the C:\X-Plane 11 folder.

The scenery_packs.ini file can be found at the bottom of the C:\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery folder, so can be uploaded similarly, by reference to the linked instructions.

If you get stuck, just email me a copy of both files.


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Thanks for the directions, are very kind....I will be useful, but this site does not accept the copy/paste of the translation,           if i write here in can paste the text, then not but i can put photos. Tomorrow I send you the control files and all the rest.   

Ciao!   a domani