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Re-installed XP11 (11.40r2), configuration defaulted to Cessna 172, Honeycomb Alpha yoke.

Problem 1:

The aircraft panel MASTER ALT switch does not work independently from the MASTER BAT switch when activated to the ON position with the mouse; it turns ON also the MASTER BAT switch. The same thing occurs when physically toggling the same labelled switches on the Honeycomb yoke panel. The switches should operate independently (ON/OFF) and not turn on together.

Note 1: I connected the SAITEK PRO Flight Switch Panel and got the same results. Also noted that the BAT and ALT switches order are reversed to what is on the actual aircraft panel, XP11 panel and the Saitek panel...(SAITEK panel is wrong).

Problem 2:

The AVIONICS BUS1 and AVIONICS BUS2 switches work correctly when activated with the mouse on the aircraft panel. However, the AVIONICS BUS2 switch cannot be configured or edited through the XP11, Setting Window, Joystick, tab selection. The only option available are Avionics off, on and toggle which is already assigned to the AVIONICS BUS1 switch. Note: The AVIONICS BUS1 switch works fine.

Anyone with similar problems before I submit a bug report?

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Hi Papabc

Just to confirm, from your description, that my version of XP11.40 has exactly the same issues and has done so since I first purchased the simulator some time ago!

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Thanks, I'll pass this on to Laminar Research as a bug report.

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Because that's exactly how a real 172 works. You cannot turn on the ALT side without turning on the BAT side, and you can't turn off the BAT side without turning off the ALT side. The switch is mechanically interlocked to work this way.
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That’s awesome information, many thanks. I guess the AVIONICS BUS 1/2 issue still applies...