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Whom ever it may concern,

Hi a few months back i have bought X-PLANE 10 via your website and have been playing it frequently. But today, when it prompt me for my code, it says invalid after i entered it. Tired a few times and its still not working.

hope your team can help fix this issue ASAP :).


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Hi nick teo,

Try copying and pasting the key from your purchase confirmation email just to double check it isn't a typo. If that still doesn't work, please contact customer support at [email protected] and provide only the LAST 8 digits of your code. They can look it up and see if it has been locked due to suspicious activity (someone may have pirated your code).
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Hi, jroberts,

thanks for the reply. i have tried copying and pasting the code but it stills prompts me that it is invalid. Do u have any idea about how long will they take to reply?