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Please I need urgent help with my X-Plane 11 installation. I purchased a digital download version, and have been using the provided product key as directed. I have an issue presently using XPlane 11 as my product key is disabled. Demo mode anyone?

No reason was provided for disabling my product key which I purchased from Laminar Research.

I have filled the necessary form to Support, as well as sent an email. No response yet.

Any help to enable my product key would be appreciated. I would also be interested in the justification/reason why it was disabled.

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Hi camechi,

I am not from Laminar Research,just a flight simmer from down under.

You will not get an answer in this forum from Laminar..  As you have already done, I was going to suggest you contact Laminar direct.  Have you tried making contact through [email protected]?

When running the digital version of X-Plane you need to ensure you are connected to the internet at all times.  The software performs a silent check to ensure you are running a legal copy all the time and also not running a duplicate copy at the same time.  

I also understand that even though you have applied the product key to give you the full legal version and able to run the software without being connected to the internet, the software will attempt to perform the silent check.  It will remember the number of disconnects and will eventually shut you down.

Good luck in getting your key recovered.


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Product key is now enabled.

No information was given why my product key was disabled in the first place.

Have a blessed day all.