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Can someone please help me. I really like the simulator but after the latest update I can't play it anymore. My game key is disabled. The X-plane support doesn't respond to my latest email.

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Hi rickmix

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK and I have a couple of questions to start:-

1. Are you running a valid digital download, or DVD set version of XP11 purchased directly from LR.

2. If a valid digital download version, do you have an email from LR confirming your Product Key?

3. If a genuine DVD set version of XP11, then have you got Disc No 1 in the DVD ROM drive at all times, whilst updating and running the application?

4. If you purchased XP11 from some other third party, then who?

5. Are you running XP11 on a 'public' or multi user PC, or a private one user only PC?

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Thanks for the response. The support service of X-plane helped me out. I bought it from G2A and I got scammed.

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