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I enter my product key, as I normally have to do (which is annoying in of itself), but this morning it is telling me it has been disabled. I am not a huge fan of paying money for something and then having it with held. I don't get a lot of time to relax and play as it is with 6 kids and 2 businesses, so I am highly aggravated by this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Please contact customer support at [email protected] with the email address you used to purchase X-Plane and the last 8 digits of your product key. They will be able to look it up and re-enable it.
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I have had my X-Plane 11 product key disabled a few times already. This appears to be because I've tried to add scenery after connecting from different geographical locations. Actually, I'm based in China but use a VPN to 'tunnel' my way through the Great Firewall of China to get access to Google and the like which is banned here. As I always choose the fastest server (servers in the US aren't always the fastest), it appears that I'm connecting from various global locations depending on the fastest available connection. Unsurprisingly, the X-Plane server has disabled my product key. While not a priority now, I would like to have the opportunity to choose a 2-stage authorization system with my product key and a password which I set up. This should prevent me from having my product key disabled when I use my VPN and having to contact support each time I'm locked out.