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I just bought the x-plane CD KEY of a website called G2A. Does the X-Plane team have a problem with them? Why is a freshly bought CD Key already disabled? Do they sell multiple copies of keys or what´s the craig? I´m new to x-plane and just want to try this great sim.

Thank you for helping me!

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Hi malenFant,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Unfortunately you have been scammed, duped and tricked into buying from this mob.  Have a look at the following link at

Your best effort will be to try and get you money back from the seller.  If you go back further in this forum you will find that some other duped flight simmers have been successful in getting a refund.

Good luck in getting the refund.  Whatever happens, refund or not, purchase from the developers being Laminar Research.  Don't even consider a Steam version because that is also a 3rd party product and is slow to provide updates.