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I am having trouble with downloading new versions of x-plane11 Beta
I have just tried to get the ver 9 but when I try to run it I get the following message.
There was a problem authorizing xplane. The product key you entered
has been disabled. If you believe this to be an error contact support.

When I purchased it and downloaded it to my Windows o/s computer on the "c" drive. I have since reinstalled it on the "d" drive to have a drive on its own. I do have an UBUNTU MATE v10 computer which I would dearly like to be my dedicated x-plane computer but have been unable to get xplane 11 to install on it. This is why you probably have disabled my access key as I keep messing about where I want to keep xplane11. I would be willing to purchase a new key if I could get xplane 11 on my UBUNTU computer and have it as my flight sim. only computer if this possible. If xplane 11 will not run on a Ubuntu o/s can you please let me have my access key back.Best Regards,
David Diamond.

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Hi David, 

You will need to contact [email protected] about unlocking your product key. 

A few notes from our system requirements regarding Linux:

  • While X-Plane 11 will run on Linux, we don’t provide support for specific distributions; if you want to run on Linux, you will need to try X-Plane on your distribution to see if it is compatible. With that in mind, we have developers using Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 LTS successfully.
  • For Linux, we require the proprietary driver from AMD or NVIDIA to run X-Plane. You may be able to get X-Plane to run on the Mesa/Gallium driver with an Intel GPU, but this is unsupported.  We absolutely do not support the fully open source drivers for AMD and NVIDIA.
We don't have great support for Linux here in this forum, but you might try the unaffiliated Linux forum