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How can I create ILS and GS settings in XP11. There does not seem to be a function to do this in XP11 as there is in XP10.

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If default scenery is missing this information, please file a bug here

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Thanks for the reply.

Just to clarify the original question. I am creating a new airport scenery. Construction of this airport has only just begun in the real world. It will be 5 to 6 years before it becomes operational. At the moment there is no official ICAO code and because construction has just started it does not show on any maps )Google, Open street map) etc.

Currently there is no default scenery for X-Plane therefore it is not a bug. The ILS and GS settings can be set in X-Plane 10, but I am unable to find a way to create these settings in XP11. Is there a way to do this?



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There is no way to do this in the current UI like there used to be in the X-Plane 10 map. More information on the new Nav data format can be found here

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Thank You.

I appreciate your time.