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Hello. I hope someone can help...

I installed the demo some weeks ago and saw that its running pretty good on my rather low end system (Laptop, i5 7.gen 7600, amd radeon something, 8GB ram, running from SSD and win10). It was running already ok on the standard settings that were up after initial install with around 20fps, maybe 18 ( i mean the left stat in output, the actual fps).

Then i played around with it and lowered some settings to get some ok running sim. Ok i thought, this seems good, better fps and better visuals then p3d or fsx on my sim so i buy it.

I bought it and it was running the same as the demo for some days. I even could have browser open and watch tutorials same time. I completed a whole 3h tutorial on yt, did all from learning FMC, ILS, VOR to VOR and everything. All that with a ok running sim, otherwise i wouldnt have bothered.

Then the update came out some days ago (i think 3 days ago from today) and now i get max 8fps. Doesnt matter what i do... i can set everything to low, opposed to around medium from the 2 week of daily playing before.

What can that be? I updated my gpu drivers and all but nothing changes, it stays at 8 or 9 fps. Unplayable.

What i did before this happened, not sure this may have something to do or not, i just want to say it:

I saw that i have some problems with clouds. When i had lots of clouds i had really low fps, also before the above mentioned problem occured. So i most times had coulds all off. Then one day i changed to actual real weather and did a flight like that. Was not too bad. Then next day i wanted to update the real weather with the update button. I got an error message. Something like "There was an error uptating the weather). And this error remained, i couldnt update the weather anymore. Yes, internet was on. It stayed at like 50% for a while and then the error came up.

SO i changed to no clouds again and closed the sim.

The next day the update came out and i installed it. Started my flght and saw i had only very low fps. SInce then i have this. 8 or 9 fps max, no matter what i change in settings. Low textures, no clouds, all at low, i even changed to a lower than native resolution, basically NOTHING changes. Maybe i get 1fps more but thats it. SO i get 7 fps on max and 8 or 9 fps on lowest. It seems that nothing changes anything anymore (in terms of fps, the visuals do change with changing settings).

Any ideas?

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Move your Preference folder and run the sim... if it fixes it, then something in your preference is bad. It's just a try, may not work, but it's a quick trick to try.
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You sir deserve a cookie. This solved my issue :D
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I have the same exact problem, where is the Preference directory? thx.
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I have the same issue but apparently this is "Not aware and not reported by other users" - part of my email from Laminar Research -_-
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Ok then i wil write an email myself too :-) Because the pref folder changed nothing.
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Good idea :D but I think you will get the same answer :P Unless now they ARE aware of this.
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Hmm.... my Sim runs again Even better than before. Now i fly with clouds on in the old settings with 20fps... What i did? Nothing to be precise. Another day, another situation it seems.


Maybe it has to do with power management and wake from sleep or whatever, anyway, it runs now. I hope this stays :-)