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I asked the following question to try and get VR working.  I purchased Xplane through steam;




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Run the X-Plane 11 Installer.exe tool and check box the box that says "check for new betas as well as updates" when running the update before hitting next.



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How can I download 11.20 to use VR



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Thank you,

I have updated to 11.20, but now it is asking for a CD key, unfortunately as it was purchased through steam its not showing up where it normally would so I am stuck in demo mode?  Any ideas?





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Hi Jamie,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

This site is for the genuine (Laminar Research) X-Plane purchasers.  Steam is not a Laminar Research product.  It has been created by a 3rd party taking  a commercial advantage of the work by Laminar Research.

Steam and the Laminar Research X-Plane versions do not mix.

Raise your problem with the Steam fraternity.


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