Updated to X Plane 11.10, now my throttle is stuck at 50%

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asked Feb 10 by Mr. Orang (12 points)

Steam updated me to XP11.10 the other day. I opened it up and found the plane was yawing very sharply left. I looked and saw that one throttle was at 100%, the other was at 50%

The throttle does not move by any means. It does not respond from inputs from F1/F2, nor from the mouse. This is an issue that doesn't affect many, but is severely game breaking.

The bug only affects throttle 1 in multi-engined aircraft, throttle 2 responds as normal. In single engined the throttle is stuck at 50 again.

I have a saitek quadrant, and it works fine, I've tested it in XP10. 



commented Feb 11 by soop (10 points)
I have the same problem with my Saitek TPM and Redbird Alloy TH1.

Moving one of the levers results in this lever being snap back to its center position.


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answered Feb 11 by glenfer (1,595 points)
Hi Mr Orang,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

As this forum is for the official Laminar Research version of X-Plane I would suggest you take your problem to a Steam forum.

The Steam version is a hybrid created by a 3rd party for commercial advantage and has no association with Laminar Research.  The steam version files cannot be mixed with the official and original versions of X-Plane from Laminar Research.

commented Feb 13 by christianbt31 (14 points)
I have the same problem with my hot stick warthog throttle under X-plane11.11r2 (build 111101 64bit), and I do not use Steam
commented Feb 14 by glenfer (1,595 points)

Hi christainbt31,

Have a look at the answer provided to a similar problem provided by jroberts (Laminar Research) about 4 hours ago just after you made your comment at  http://questions.x-plane.com/16282/problem-with-throttle-hotas-warthog  


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