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Hi all, since I updated to version 11.26 last week I have been asked to insert my key everytime i started Xplane11. Today after i inserted my key it came out as my key has been disabled. Not sure what is going on, I have sent a request to info@xplane.com and to keyrecovery@xplane.com . Now how long will it take them to have a look at my queries? I know that support is only two people etc. Very very weird, I have the xplane since May last year and that is the first time it was asking me foe a key eveytime i started and disabled it.
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Support got back to me within 4 hours, key reactivated, TOP JOB!!!

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Hey! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble! The Key Recovery email is the best way to handle these things. They should be back to you there shortly. Thanks!

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