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my product key has been disabled 2 days after buying it,
i launch x-plane for the second time, no problem,
i start my avast secure line vpn,
and then my x-plane got disabled.

I don't understand why, vpn are legal, and the connections are from the same computer, same hardware,
and not at the same time.

I have desactivated avast secure line, but it doesnt work anymore, what a shame,
with same ip it should work, i don't understand this poor programming.

and by the way i pay for avast secure line, so i will prefer a refund, and buy p3d instead if it's not possible to have the game working in normal conditions, with day-to-day normal usage of a computer in 2018...

x-plane i not as advanced as it claims it seems, still stuck with EA like kind of problems, licensing and anti-piracy systems that make software unusable for paying users. I can always make a paypal reclamation.

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Hi lorheak,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Considering the first line of your problem raised above did you purchase X-Plane from a company called g2a?  If so have a look at the following link found at  Good luck in obtaining the refund if you did.

If you purchased an X-Plane version from somebody else other than directly from Laminar Research eg Steam, then take the deactivation key problem to them.  In relation to Steam it is a 3rd party hybrid version of X-Plane that has no connection with the official developers being Laminar Research.

If you did purchase from Laminar Research as a digital download then raise the problem through support at [email protected]  I am totally sure they will be able to solve your problem.

With regards to your problem with Avast and internet connections.  These are third party product problems and  you should contact the reseller(s) or take your problem directly to the developers of that product.  This is not the forum to raise problems related to other products.  This site is dedicated to the X-Plane product.

Once you sort your activation problems and other software problems you will want to stay with the official X-Plane version flight simulation package.  Have a look at the following link at

Good luck


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i have purchased my copy on the x-plane website.

And regarding third party software, they are not in cause, working as expected. But it's not normal that my key was disabled for that. It's completely normal to try to hide my activities from isp or other actors in the internet with such a vpn. And the vpn has remained on the same country i am. so i don't really see the problem.

i sent an email to LR, but i don't only want my key to be enabled again, i wan't the disabling policy to be modified, to be more forgiving about non concurrent connections. Because if i need to send an email every time i need to use xplane, because my key is disabled again, it will not be worth the time and investments.
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Hi lorheak,

I wish you well in finding and solving your problem.