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I am not computer savvy, I have been told to remove 3 scenery files to fix the problem of system crash, great if you know how to do this, what are the guys at x plane doing to help people like me? are they going to send a update so it can be fixed, spent a lot of time trying to get this sim right, x plane needs to fix this soon as I can't use this at all.

regards Ed.

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Hi Ed

I'm just another simmer in the UK, but could you advise more details:-

1. Under what circumstances does your system crash and what happens i.e. X-Plane system freeze, blue screen of death BSOD etc.?

2. What scenery files have you been asked to remove and what folders are they in (if known?)

3. Who asked you to remove these files in the first place, Laminar or another simmer?

4. What is your PC hardware configuration i.e. Windows OS version, CPU type, RAM amount, Graphics card type, PC or laptop?

Regards Paul
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hello Paul, this info on the files to delete came from another simmer,

message reads,delete the following3 folders found under custom scenery folder

1 simheaven_x-europe-1-extras

2 simheaven_x-europe-2-scenery


make sure you backup these files somewhere on your PC before you deleting. hope this helps

I'm xRAF
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Hello again Paul, sorry missed a bit of info, x plane starts goes through the usual stuff gets to start flight  Crash. regards Ed.
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Hi Ed

Thanks for the update, all noted. You haven't advised your system hardware configuration, so I'm still not sure if this could be an issue?

Anyway, as far as these scenery folders are concerned, do you know how to locate these folders in the X-Plane 11 directory within File Explorer?

I'm not sure what Operating System you are using, but in File Explorer (not Internet Explorer) you firstly need to click on your X-Plane 11 folder and then the Custom Scenery folder. Search the latter to see if these folder are in there? I don't have these particular folders in my Custom Scenery folder, so they must have been added to your system after the initial X-Plane 11 install??

If you can locate them, would you be OK with copying the folders and placing them somewhere else on your hard drive temporarily and then going back to delete the originals?

If you're not happy or confident about doing this, then it may be best to ask a colleague who knows more about PC's to help you?

Alternatively, we could get in contact by email and I could talk you through it?

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Hello Paul, I use windows 7 GEFORCE GTX 750 Ti thats about all I Know about this machine I used to have a pal that did all this kind of stuff for me, I do not feel comfortable or confident doing this, however I have put in a call to my friend, but as he is always busy this may take time, and I do not know how to find things like scenery folders etc. thank you for answering my email regards Ed
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Hello again Paul, I don't know if the following will help,

CPU AMD FX [tm] 8120 eight core processor

speed [mhz 3093] service pack 1 64 bit CPU type 8664  not sure about RAM 8GB?

 and I had a look but could not find scenery folders, as I said I know nothing when it comes to computers in truth i have trouble with the TV remote, thanks again for your input, If you can tell me how to find the folders maybe I can get my friend to talk me through it although i just got a com from him he is way up north in Ontario  bad signal area. thanks again Paul regards Ed.
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Hi Ed

Thanks for the update, your CPU and graphics card look fine, but the installed memory, if only 8GB, is at the very minimum end of the required spec. Ideally this should be 16GB or higher!

Anyway, before making any hardware changes, please could you click on the link below and look at the PDF file attached. I have prepared a few PowerPoint slides to help guide you to:-

a) find a little more info regarding your PC spec (I assume that it is a PC rather than a laptop?)

b) find the 'Simheaven' folders referred to in File Explorer.

Please let me know what you find out?


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Hello Paul, tried to do as you suggested, My system does not have the same system as yours

when i right click it comes up with only two options, properties and open windows explorer.

however I found some more info.

installed physical memory      8GB

available physical memory      7.98 GB

total virtual memory               8.98 GB sim is installed in D: lack of space in C: don't know if this helps, still can't find the files I forwarded to you, many thank's for all your hard work trying to help, a lot of this is a little above my pay grade, but i am trying to understand it, my computer is a bit screwed up at the moment, sometimes I get mail sometimes it seems to come up with a message " error" can't connect to my email " [email protected] if you feel it would be easier to communicate this way please feel free to do so, again thank you. regards. Ed.
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Hi Ed

You mentioned Windows Explorer, which is good as this is the same as File Explorer in Windows 10 Pro which I have. You must have an earlier version of Windows, 7 or 8 possibly?

Anyway if you go into Windows Explorer as basically follow the slides that I sent you, you should still be able to find X-Plane 11's Custom Scenery folder.

I'm not sure where you are located, but please contact me by email for further help. My address is [email protected]



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Hi again

It would be helpful if I knew what version of Windows you have on your PC.

Could you click on the link below, then look at the PDF file and advise which of the Windows OS desktops look most like yours?