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Dear all,

I implemented some autopilot software controlling X-Plane as a target. When I switched from X-Plane 11.26 to 11.30 I recognized, that the controller settings that worked well with the C172 in X-Plane 11.26 ar enot suitable any more in X-Plane 11.30.

It feels like the C172 is way slower (more drag) in X-Plane 11.30 than it used to be in 11.26?

I also tried to revert the Aircraft model back to the 11.26 state by just replacing the entire \Aircraft\Laminar Research\Cessna 172SP with the older version, however, this dind't help.

Can anybody confirm this? Why is this? Bug or Feature?

(maybe this is related to )

Cheers, Felix

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Hi Felix,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

X-Plane, particularly XP11, is unlike other shoot-em-up games or flight sim packages whereby the software supplied with the controllers has to be stored away and not used.  One brand should be buried in a hole in your back yard.

Hardware used with X-Plane has to be configured within X-Plane.  No other option.  When you were setting up your hardware (controller(s)) within version XP11.26 did you use this arrangement or use your own system.

If you are of the opinion that it is a bug then file a bug report.  Details can be found at


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Sorry Glenn, for not understanding your response at all. sad

I'm not talking about any hardware.

I discovered, that the C172 aircraft modeled within X-Plane 11.30 shows significantly more drag tham the same aircraft modeled in 11.26. The way I came across this is a cross check between both versions: I flew the exactly same trajectory (straight glide path with defined glide angle) starting from a saved situation with the engine off. The 11.30 version shows significant lower speed (KIAS) than the 11.26 version. In 11.30, the chosen glide path cannot be maintained til the end as the elevator needs to be pulled till stalling with the chosen glide angle.

I really wonder, whether this is a bug or some "improvement" in the flight model.

No HW involved.


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I fly the 172 also from time to time and so I am curious about your situation.   Do you monitor the frame rates.   I am using 3 Scenery Screens. So Frame Rate impact is significant. I am now running a little over 35 or so.  I noted that when it go below 20 - what I had  Air Manager and X-Plane on the same computer. - then there was an impact on the plane similar to your experience(I think)   YOU need to make sure the Frame Rate on X-Plane (turn on in the Output Data option) is well above 20 try to get to about 30 - it seems to me.   

Others should be free to step in and update this, as I am new to X-Plane but I did build a 3 Networked Computers (3 Screen)  MS FlightSim about 15 years ago. )  

My setup has two Core i7 computers with Nvidia  1070Ti GPU.   - running WIN10,  X-Plane and Air Manager - one on each computer Ethernet together-ed.  

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I would suggest you file a bug report.

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See X-Plane 11.30 Release Notes for "Flight model improvements".