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I have great difficulty reading the user interface (the menus at the top of the screen). Is there any way to make them larger?
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Have you found a answer to this yet or have they added a setting to make text size larger yet?

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Unfortunately there's nothing in X-Plane at this time to adjust the text size. We have people ask about this a lot here on the forum, and this question/answer looks like it has a lot of info in. I don't have a high resolution monitor, so I have not tried any of the suggestions though, and cannot vouch for their usability.

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20 hours I have lost to do all " magics" depicted in "question/answer". I'm with ASUS ROG 751. Win 7 pro 64

1. There by Property in X-Plane.exe it's impossible to turn on/off resolution

2. There by all movings with resolution 100% result is the same.

3. How in 10.35 size of menu bar could be normal and how in 10.45/10.50 couldn't?

4. I almost liked new updates but ... how could I take joy of them when I have to read menu with magnificent glass?

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