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Brand new to X-Plane and have an issue with the initial installation. Tech details:

Windows 10, memory 64GB, Intel Core i7 7820X 3.6GHz, GPU NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, SSD 930GB total/743GB available

My plan is to fully install the program on the C drive.

First, the installer would not let me install to C:\program files or c:\program files(x86) due to "known errors" with those locations.

Next it errored out immediately when I tried to install to C:\.  The error was "invalid argument"

It offers the option to continue the installation and correct the errors later.

Anybody have thoughts or experience with this before I spend an hour installing 8 dvd's worth of data?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi - Would you please send in a copy of your installer log? Thanks!

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