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Thank you for your response. 

1. My copy is from a DVD set.

2. Yes trying to update using X-plane 11 installer.exe


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Hi again Matt

I'm no expert when it comes to reading log reports, but the first thing I noticed is that your copy of X-Plane 11 is in the following directory path:- C:\Users/McBride/Desktop/X-Plane 11/

I believe it is recommended to have your X-Plane 11 folders/files placed directly in the root of your C: Drive, the directory path of which will then look like this:- C:\X-Plane 11\, in File or Windows Explorer (depending on what OS you're using?)

I guess that your X-Plane 11 Installer application will also be located in C:\Users/McBride/Desktop/X-Plane 11/, when it too should be in  C:\X-Plane 11\

Try moving your entire X-Plane 11 folder and all associated files directly into your C:Drive and then re-try the Installer application.


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Thank you very much for your help.

It went into McBride because that was its default. I moved it to C drive and same results.
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Hi Matt

Just looking back over your various posts and noticed that you uploaded the X-Plane 11 Log.txt file and not the X-Plane Installer Log.txt file.

Would you be able to upload the latter file instead, in a reply to this post?


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The only file I see is Log.txt not Installer Log.txt. Is there somewhere it would be other than the X-plane folder?
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If your whole X-Plane file structure is now in the root of your local C: Drive, then the location of the X-Plane Installer Log.txt file will be found as per the following URL:-

This Log.txt file will only be in that location if you have definitely run the X-Plane Installer.exe application and not tried to update through X-Plane 11 itself!

Any problems, please advise?