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Just installed X-Plane 11 on a Windows 10 machine. Configured a specific situation, works well, but the display is hazy, very difficult to read HUD. X-Plane 10 graphics were much sharper.

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Hi Gimliglider

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but could you please upload a screenshot of the display that you're looking at, so that we can see what you mean by 'hazy'?

Also can you confirm which aircraft you're flying etc.?

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Flying the X-Plane 11 Boeing 737-800. 

Altitude 3,000 ft, 8 miles back from runway, weather clear.

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Hi again

I've been reading through the X-Plane 11 forum about this and it does appear that 'haziness' is a known issue, with other simmers complaining about the same thing.

One simmer uses the "fog_coeff.lua" script with some success and another suggestion seems to be to go into the Developers/Show Sky Colours menu within a loaded flight and try making some adjustments there. Please see photo below.

Not much more I can suggest really, although WOW, your sim set up looks fab :-)


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Tried  sky color change, with  minimal improvement. The main problem is that the HUD display is washed out by the sky. The joystick HUD setting is set to maximum.

Thanks for your response.
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Probably that's how it's supposed to look: Like in reality.

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